Rams fans giddy over Gurley

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Surely accidentally, but nonetheless appropriately, a St. Louis buddy texted me an alteration of a famous Rams saying: “Gotta go get a Gurley jersey.”

Like the heyday Rams, Todd Gurley goes to work (albeit only in the second halves of games for now). And for a fan base in flux, Gurley is a gift for those holding on as Gurley “gurdles” over defensive players, to quote The Post’s Ben Frederickson.

This stat got me Gurley giddy in the win against the Cleveland Browns, the rookie running back accumulated 111 yards AFTER contact. cheap nfl jerseys Think about that after contact alone, he still compiled a great days yardage. Along the way, he forced 11 missed tackles, most among running backs in Week 7, according to the fellows at Pro Football Focus.

He had just six carries in his first game played, but in each of the following three, he hit triple digits in yardage. The greatest Georgia back of them all, Herschel Walker, didn’t rush for 100 yards in a game until his eighth game played this week in 1986, the Cowboys’ rookie running back rushed for 120 yards and two touchdowns in a win against the St. Louis Cardinals.

After Gurley’s first game against Pittsburgh, Rams coach Jeff Fisher brought up that Gurley looked close to breaking a big play. It was easy to be skeptical Gurley was routinely stuffed, finishing with nine yards total.

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