Registrar of trade union, its appointment, power and functions

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Q-10:   Write a note on registrar of trade union, its appointment, power and functions.


(a)        DEFINITION [SECTION 57]

Registrar for the purpose of IRO, means a registrar of trade union appointed under.

(b)        Appointment [Section S7]

A Provincial Government may appoint necessary registrars. Where more than one registrar is appointed, it shall specify the area of performance of each* It shall also specify the powers and function of each registrar.

Powers And Functions [Section SB]

The powers and functions of registrar are as follows:

1.         Register trade unions and issue certificate of registration and for the purpose maintain a register.

2.         Make complaints to labour court against trade union for cancellation of registration when any contravention is noticed

3.         Decide and determine the question of appointment of CBA by holding secret ballot.

4.         Exercise other powers and functions as may be prescribed.

5.         Inspect accounts and records of registered trade union, investigate or hold inquiry.

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