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Rutherfordatomic model was present in 1911 which gives evidence of nucleus and arrangement of find mental particles of atom.


Experiment and Observations:

This experiment was performed by Rutherford with some of his coworkers in which two – particles are bombarded on very thin gold foil polonium, The observations of this experiment include:

i. Most of the particles moves identified through the gold foil.

ii. Approx one particle out of 80,000 particles returns back on the same side by deflection of greater than 90°,

iii. A few particles passed gold foil but suffered deflection of different angles.



The assumption or postulates of Rutherford atomic model are:

i. Most of the mass of any atom present at its centre called ‘Nucleus’ occupied by protons and neutrons.

ii. Positive charged particles are present in the nucleus called Protons.

iii. Some number of negative charged particles revolving around the nucleus at fairly large distance called electrons.

iv. Most of the part of atom is empty.



Following are the defects present inRutherfordatomic model.

i. Any charge particle, while moving, must emit energy, so electron showed loss of its energy so that its distance from the nucleus should decrease and it should fall into the Nucleus.

ii As electrons are moving round the nucleus continuously so they should emit radiations to produce continuous spectrum but in actual, line spectrum is obtained.

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