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Q1. Who was Samson Agonistes?


Ans. Samson Agonistes was a great warrior and believer in the ancient times. God had granted him amazing and superhuman physical strength. With the help of that power, he always defeated his deadly enemies, the Philistines who were disbeliever.


Q2. What was the name of temple where Samson was brought and why?

Ans. Samson Agonistes was brought theTemple of Dagon the central place of worship of the Philistine race, at the city ofGaza. Samson entered the main hall of the temple as a blind prisoner and delighted the spectators by showing them amazing and incredible feats of his regained power. No hero from the rival camp could dare to face Samson as a challenger.

Q3. How did Samson destroy his enemies in the poem “Lines from Samson Agonistes”?


How did Samson take revenge upon his enemies?



Ans. Samson Agonists was patient, and he was led to an arena to perform feats of strength. He showed many feats of immense strength there. No body dared to appear as his challenger in similar feats of strength. During the interval, he requested the guide to take him between the two pillars. These two pillars were supporting the building. Samson felt the pillars in his arms for he had been blinded by the Philistines. Then, he stood there as he was thinking about some serious matter. At last he raised his head and shouted at the philistines and said that he had carried out their orders and had shown some feats of strength but then he would show them another amazing feat of strength. Saying this, he pulled down and the philistines were killed. In this way, Samson sacrificed his own life to kill the enemies of his tribe, thus became an unforgettable hero.

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