silent features of Pakistani culture

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Q-3: What do we mean by culture? What are the silent features of Pakistani culture?

Introduction: “Culture may be defined as behavior particular to human beings together with material object used”.


Concepts of Culture:  The first definition of culture in a sociological term, was put forward by E.B.Taylor in 1871, a british anthropologist.

Cultural is the whole which includes knowledge, belief, arts, moral, custom and all other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society”.

According to Margret Mead:

“Cultural is an abstraction from the body learned behavior which a group of people who share the same tradition transmit entirely to their children”.


Salient Features of Pakistani Culture:

Population of Pakistan is composed of different cultural group. Their custom and traditions are individual but their disappear before Islamic and National identity and all group share a same tradition of history.


Islamic Role in Pakistan Culture:

Islam has played a dominant role in holding a social pattern in Pakistan after the portion. The main characteristics of Pakistani culture are:

  1. Religious Uniformity:            Islam was the main cause of freedom struggle. The people, inspite of some differences of language, custom and tradition commonly follow one religion that is Islam. Islam is the religion which is referred and practiced by people of Pakistan.
  2. Mixed Culture:           Pakistani culture is a mixed culture although majority of people are Muslim by word and faith. Yet there is a great influence of Hindu and British culture in the present Pakistan Society.

Mele-Oriented Society:         The cultural life of Pakistan revolves around the male member of the society. The reason being that they are the sole earner in the family. That is why they take all the decision of the family.


Simplicity:      Life in Pakistan reflects Islam tradition in their social custom and traditions, food, dresses etcs.

Simple Dress and Diet:          Dress is an important manifestation of culture. Dress in a Muslim society intended to cover the whole human body. Pakistani people therefore wear simple dress called Shalwar Kameez. They eat simple food and social etiquette are strictly incorporated with the Islamic Principles.

Easy Language:          A no of languages are spoken in Pakistan. Urdu is spoken in all parts of the country. Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi and Balochi are the regional languages of Pakistan. Urdu being official language is the medium of communication throughout Pakistan.


Literature, Art and Poetry:   Literature is an important aspect of our cultural life. It reflects Islamic trends. Poetry gives the message of love and brotherhood. The poets and write in our culture express their views.


Handicrafts:    Pakistani craftsmen are considered as the best Indian craftsman. They are known for the high quality handicrafts which are very popular in the foreign countries. These handicrafts also reflect over Islamic culture.


Sports:            Many games and sports are played in Pakistan e.g Wrestling, hockey, cricket, foot ball, squash, badminton, Athelets and kabaddi. Pakistan enjoys high position in the field of hockey, cricket and squash.


Women in Different Fields of Life:     As our culture is Islamic, value gives full respects and rights to women. Whether they are working lady or housewife. One of us is the ex-Prime Minister (the first women) Benazir Bhutto.

Women Banks are also running successfully by the women of Pakistan and the other successfully organization is Women Police Station (WPS).



           Our culture is full of color life, respect, unity, uniformity, a mixture of different regional ingredients. We must keep our culture alive for our next generations and require it aloof to westernization.


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