Summary of “Reflection on the Re-awakening East”

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The great and impartial thinker and widely respected writer of West, Lord Bertrand Russell born in 1872, write the article. He was a great supporter of human values, world peace and human happiness. As a well-wisher of the nations ofAsia, he has tried to advise, encourage and mosquito incense holder guide them in connection with their future role, planning and line of action. Therefore, this article has great importance for the rising nations of the East. It also manifests Lord Rassell’s commendable command over the world history and politics.


In the opening part of the article, Russell has, with reference to the history of the world, given his comments on the process of alteration of power and culture between the East and the West. He says that in the earliest period of history, the East was more civilized and powerful than the West. However, the West attained supremacy in power and culture with the rise of Greek Civilization and advancement of theRoman Empire.

After the decline of both these civilizations, two great civilizations in the East reached the glorious heights of culture and power. At this stage, most parts ofEuropewere dark, backward and uncivilized. Lord Russell points out that only the Christian Europe was “Sunk in Barbarism” but the biased an prejudiced scholars ofEuropecalled it “The Dark Ages” of the world. They ignored the brilliant culture and amazing advancement ofSpain, a part of Europe, under the Muslim role.

History repeated itself and once again, the nations of the West attained domination in the field of power and culture. Lord Russell says that the nations of Europeused science and mechanization as an effective tool and device to make speedy progress. In this regards, he refers to the growth of Englandin the early part of the 19th century and that of the USA and Russia (Former U.S.S.R) in the 20th century.


While pointing out and favoring the fruitful and productive use of science and mechanization, Lord Russell does not overlook the alarming, harmful and “Sinister Application” of these two elements. He gives strict warning to the nations ofAsiaagainst the negative and destructive use of science and technology. He says that the nations of the East must retain and preserve their glorious traditions and heritage of culture and civilization. They must uphold spiritual values and, bending all their resources, strive for human happiness, prosperity and promotion of space. Lord Russell has presented the concept of a peaceful, pleasant and balanced life based on a beautiful and harmonious blend of human values and mechanization. He says that science alone is not sufficient to make life cheerful and peaceful. He remarks, “If human life is to be tolerable, it can not be wholly mechanized”. He is of the view that life must continue to contain some other very important and essential factors such as poetry and music and art and love and simple joys. Science is good only when properly checked and controlled.

Concluding the article, Lord Russell advises the rising nations of the East the refrain from copying and mistakes of the West. He says that the West has been misusing its extra-ordinary energy simply because of lust for power over other nations. This evil practice to dominate and exploit the weak and small nations must be stopped and condemned. The nations ofAsiashould reject this harmful trend and diplomacy. They should protect and preserve their independence and glorious traditions of culture. They should struggle to makeAsiaa peaceful, prosperous and developed region. Lord Russell is quite optimistic about the positive, sensible and constructive future role of the reawakening nations of the east.


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