Summary of Science and the Scientist

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  • Science and Scientist is written by H.H. Munro.
  • Science is not only a collection of ideas but also the rules & laws.
  • It is therefore the duty of a scientist to make experiments in order to achieve the truth.
  • The scientific method is used to arrive at conclusions in this connection.
  • Science is a collection of facts expressed in such an exact way that we can easily test their truth.
  • We may use scientific instruments to text and prove statements or ideas.
  • We have collections of scientific rules in the science like chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology.
  • The theory is then tested over a long time, and made true after changes in it, it becomes a scientific law.
  • Scientist’s object is nothing but to find the truth.
  • Newton’s laws of motion, in this sense, passed through all these stages of observation and experimentation before being taken.

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