Summary of Science and the Society

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  • Science and Society focuses on limitation of science.
  • Three features have brought about marked progress in science since the Seventeenth century.
  • The first and the most important of these features in the scientific attitude of mind, which insist on objective reasoning, it means that we could not follow blindly our own beliefs.
  • The second feature is the invention of the scientific instruments.
  • The third feature is the effective use of Mathematics.
  • The work of the great scientist Newton demonstrates these three elements of modern science.
  • Newton was the superb mathematician.
  • Newton brought about a great revolution in science and changed old beliefs because he acted upon these three important features.
  • He worked on such instruments as telescope and prism and then applied his Mathematical theories to scientific research.
  • Man has achieved a remarkable success in solving scientific problems.
  • Science is doing much to diminish the social evils of poverty and disease.
  • Scientific methods can be applied only to those things, which can be observed, measured and treated mathematically.
  • Young people must be educated in modern science.
  • Without the scientific education, they will find this world in comprehensible.

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