Summary of The Hostile Witness

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  • The Hostile Witness is a detective story by D.Y. Morgan.
  • In this story, the writer depicts the character of a person who was not satisfied with the performance of the state Police.
  • Norman Charlton is a robber and a murderer.
  • He lives as a servant in White Hart Hotel.
  • Charlton was the man of all work of the White Hart Hotel.
  • This hotel is in Kirby, a small Yorkshire town about 32 kilometers south of Darlington.
  • He robbed the weekly wages iphone 5/5s/5c/6/6s/6 plus/6s plus replacement screen of two people at New Castle, who were going to their factory carrying thousand of pounds.
  • One of them, named John Edward Robson is killed while the other becomes seriously wounded.
  • Charlton escapes in a stolen sports car from the place of robbery.
  • After reaching a safe place, Charlton gets a lift from Mr. Earnest King who was on his way to White Hart Hotel.
  • Norman Charlton leaves the weapon of murder under the mattress.
  • Mr. Abott was the manager of the hotel.
  • Two other guests, Mr. Cartor and Johnson enter the room.
  • Detective-Sergeant Manning and Police Constable Stevens enter the hotel.
  • Police officers told the people about the security and said that their duty was to check all the hotels in the North of England.
  • Everyone gives them the keys for checking the luggage except Mr. King, who thinks that this action was unrespectable.
  • When Sergeant returns, he holds a pistol in his hand, which had been fired recently.
  • Charlton takes advantages of this situation and gives the description of the murderer medium height and build, fresh complexion, dark hair, moustache, horn-rimmed glasses, Grey suit and Grey hat.
  • Sergeant suspected Charlton of the spirit gum and fake moustaches that were left on his upper lip.
  • Manning then arrests Charlton and tells the people how he had committed the crime.
  • “The Hostile Witness” is written to prove the following performance of the British Police praiseworthy.
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