Summary of The Miracle of Radio

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  • Wireless is the greatest of discoveries of the age.
  • Wireless has revolutionized the methods of communications.
  • The names of three persons, Maxwell of England, Hertz of Germany and Marconi of Italy, stands out from among those who have made it possible.
  • James Clerk Maxwell was born in 1831.
  • It was later observed that light waves and electric waves moved at the same speed, which comes to about 186,000 miles per second.
  • Heinrich Hertz, a German made laboratory test with short frequency electric waves to prove that Maxwell’s theory was correct.
  • These waves were named Hertzian waves after him and they www.mesotheliomabaltimorelawsuit established the possibility of wireless communication.
  • In 1894 Oliver lodge showed that it was practicable.
  • Guglieomo Marconi, the son of an Italian father and Irish mother, saw his teacher making this demonstration, and was of Gugliemo Marconi, the son of an Italian father and an Irish mother, saw his teacher making this demonstration, and was observed with the idea served with the idea.
  • Gugliemo Marconi experimented with a Morse Telegraph key and a telephone receiver and received the signal from one to the other without any wire.
  • In 1896 Marconi went to England and presented his invention to the British Government.
  • In 1897, the Marconi wireless Telegraph Company was founded there
  • In 1907, Marconi successfully transmitted wireless signal over long distances and showed that the earth’s curve
  • In 1912, Marconi managed to direct wireless in a straight line.
  • Another development of wireless waves is the radar.
  • One of the latest developments is the radio telescope. The invention is based on the discovery that stars emit wireless waves.
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