Summary of “Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb”

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The Play “Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb” in an extremely interesting and sensational melo-drama written by Frank Arthur. The element of ever-increasing suspense has made the proceedings of the play greatly absorbing and the reader remains involved in the wholesale nfl jerseys from china story from the beginning to end. The play has two main characters, a female named Mrs. Judy Oakentubb and a male character who is introduced by the author as an ex-army man.

Theme of the Play

The theme of the play is based on the idea of crime and revenge which is, no doubt, and oft-repeated concept but the author has made it extremely amusing and thrilling through his skillful treatment and sharp dialogues.


Summary of Play

Frank Arthur has set the opening scene in a very suitable environment. To match with the element of horror and violence in the play, he has shown the first chance encounter between the male character and the women, Mrs. Oakentubb, on a rough, dark and stormy night, in the waiting room of a small roadside, deserted railway station. This chance meeting gives birth to a series of sequences of horror and sensation.

The male character recognizes Mrs. Oakentubb by seeing the label of her name and address tied to her suitcase but he does not disclose this fact to her. He wants to keep her in the dark till the end. Actually, the man has been looking for the same cruel woman in order to take revenge from her. Some time back, Mrs. Oakentubb killed the wife and little daughter of the man in a road accident deliberately in order to save her own life.

As the conversation starts, the man tells Mr. Oakentubb that he is on her way to Stain Thorpe town in order to trace out the killer of his wife and daughter and punish her. He also tells her that he is in search of Mr. Judy Oakentubb. Naturally, Mr. Oakentubb is surprised and shocked to realize that she is in great danger. However, she keeps her nerves under control and tries to convince the man that his wife and daughter got killed accidentally. The male character remained an moved by her baseless arguments a though she refers to the action taken by the police department and the verdict of the court of law. The main forcibly rejects here point of view and says that he is determined to average the cold blooded murder of his wife and daughter.

During the discussion, the man also tells the cruel woman about a chance meeting which he had with a strange Korean girl, during the Korean War. He says that he was severely wounded and he had no hope and desire to live but the chance meeting with the little Korean child changed his thinking and gave him a new courage, hope and desire to live. The meeting without any exchange of words but a kind and sympathetic smile by the innocent child, gave the man a purpose in life. The purpose was vengeance.

Mrs. Oakentubb finds herself in real crises and decides to cheat the man by using a very cunning trick. Suddenly, she changes her expression and tries to give the man the impression that her life has been turned into an eternal torture and torment. The bitter memory of her cruel act has been chasing her like an evil spirit. She is fed up with her life. She asks the men the put an end to the spiritual torture by killing her. The man is not as foolish as she thinks, but he gives the impression that he has been taken in by her clever trick.

Leaving her alive, the man goes out of the room. The moment he leaves the room, Mrs. Oakentubb springs to her feet in triumph and begins the rejoice at her cleverness. All of a sudden the man enters the room, looks at Mr. Oakentubb scornfully and shoots her down. In this way she, finally, faces the well-deserved punishment of her criminal and cruel act.

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