Technological environment

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Q4- State in details technological environment along with its impact on the business. Also discuss its negative impact on business.





Technology Is define as:

“The system by which a society provides its member with those things needed or desired.”


Stages Of Technology:

The starting point of technology was handicraft when all goods except (natural and agricultural) were hand-made. In 1960, industrial revolution took place in seven stages, gave rise to mechanization, consequently, manufacturing shifted from hands to machines leading to mass production and consumption. Afterwards technology moved forward to automation which can be considered as second industrials revolution.

Since 1960, cybernation(use of computer) has turned aside all previous technologies and hence it can be predicted that it will rule all over the third millennium including manufacturing, services, space, health and so on.

Technological Environment:

Technology and innovation go hand in hand. Innovation refers to new and improved method, custom, device etc. Innovation is the result of research and development leading to production and marketing. It can be explained as follows:





Negative Impact Of Technology On Society:

The negative impact of technology on the society as:

1.   Powerlessness

2.   Isolation

3.   Meaninglessness

4.   Self-estrangement

5.   Normlessness

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