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Q1.What is the character of happy life according to “Sir Henry Wotton” in the poem “The Characters of a Happy Life”.


Ans. According to Sir Henry, a person who has freedom of will and whose thoughts lead happy life, he does not act according to other people’s whishes. His only weapon is simplicity and truth.

Such an outspoken man is not a slave of his desires. He is always prepared for death. This man is not concerned about being famous and never desires of public fame of private breath.

Q2. What idea do you get from the poem “The Characters of a Happy Life”?

Ans. The poem “The Characters of a Happy Life” has been written by Sir Henry Wotton. This poem is written with full sense of religious spirit; we find the idea from his poem that the virtuous man is happy not only in the promise of heavenly reward but also in the enjoyment of a serene life of virtue in this world. Sir Henry has described the characteristics of a person who can truly be called a happy man.


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