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The service and adoration of God as expressed in forms of worship, in obedience to divine commands and in the pursuit of a way of life regarded as incumbent on true believers is called religion.

The English word religion is derived from the Latin Religion which refers to the fear or which one feels in the presence of a spirit. In western cultures religion is defined in terms of a set of beliefs having to do with the gods and through which one is taught a moral system. Although this definition contains elements that arc found within many of the religions of the world, it can not do justice to them all. For example, some religions recognize the existence of gods but actually have very little to do with them. Jainism and to some extent some forms of Buddhism may be called atheistic religions because their emphasis is on people’s 4elivcring themselves from their plight without the help of Gods. Some religions arc naturally tied to moral systems.


Nearly every religion of the world gives the moral education and code of conduct. A religion gives a set of beliefs which not only produce happiness in personal life but also produce an atmosphere of mutual co-operation and unity. No religion teaches the education of hate. Religion is a powerful source for the implementation of laws in a society. The people of a society who follow the rules of a same religion pass their lives according to the teachings of that religion them they became strong and thus they constitute a powerful nation which produces its own identity.

There is a great importance of religion in one’s life that it gives some basic rules of life by which individual and social training of a person is possible. It gives a power to resist against evil forces in the world. It gives strength to bear the difficulties of life. It gives firm faith and saves a person from ego. It cultivates the moral qualities which finally bring a peaceful co-operation in a society. Religion forms the individual and social life and cultivates the feeling of sympathy, love and devotion. This is the reason that religion is considered as a powerful source of building up a nation and society. Allama Iqbal said that religion builds up a nation, if there is no religion exists, then there vil1 be no nation and if the nation does not exist them the progress will not be possible.

It is cleared from the above discussion that religion is the only way which not only produces fear but arranges the individual life. If the individual life of every person is organized then whole nation become organized and both organized nation and or2nizcd society can achieve quick progress and peace in the world.

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