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Q 1:      Name the author of the “Progress” and describe in detail what made him write the play?

Ans:     Progress, a one act play, is written by St. John G. Ervine. The play is set in 1919, the year immediately following the First World War which following the First World War which began on 4th of August 1914, and ended on 11th of Nov 1918. The main fighting too place between German army and the armies ofBritain andFrance. The slaughter on both sides was immense. But Ervine of “Progress” was looking to the future. He imagined the next was as one which would strike from the air at the populations of great cities in shape of devastating bombs. His vision of the future was fulfilled when in 1945 such horrible bombs were dropped byAmerica over thickly populated cities ofJapan and killed millions of human beings.


Q 2:      What was the real name of Mrs. Meldon?

Ans:     The real name of Mrs. Meldon wasCharlotteas called by her brother Henry Corrie in the play.


Q 3:      Who was Eddie and how was he killed?

Ans:     Eddie was the son of Mrs. Meldon and Mr. Tom Meldon. He was killed in war. He was fighting against the enemies. While he was sitting in a trench with other warriors a shell came right into the trench and tore the bodies of the soldiers into countless pieces.


Q 4:      What was the name of Eddie’s father and what happened to him after Eddie’s death?

Ans:     The name of Eddie’s father was Tom. When tom heard the news of his young son’s death in war, his heart was broken and after sometime he dies of the grief of his son’s tragic death.


Q 5:      What did Mrs. Meldon do to destroy the inventions of Professor Corrie in his laboratory before killing him?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon smashed the apparatus and vessels to destroy the invention of Prof Corrie in his laboratory before killing him.


Q 6:      What do you know about Henry Corrie? Or write the character sketch of Professor Corrie?

Ans:     Professor Henry Corrie was the brother of Mrs. Meldon. He was a well known scientist and had special knowledge of war weapons. He devoted his life for the invention of horrible weapons to earn fame and money. He was least interested in domestic or other affairs and had no regard for the feelings and emotions of the people around him. He succeeded in inventing a horrible bomb but as killed by his sister when he refused to destroy that invention, which posed a great danger to the whole human race.


Q 7:      What memorial did Mrs. Meldon propose to her brother for the death of her son?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon begger her brother; Prof Corrie to destroy the formula of the horrible bomb invented by him and suggested that its destruction would be his great memorial to Eddie.


Q 8:      Was the invention of a new bomb by Corrie a step towards progress?

Ans:     Progress, literally, is termed with construction and not destruction. Inventions which are useful for the humanity and make the lives of the people happier and easier are in fact a step towards progress. The bomb invented by Corrie was very devastating and dangerous for the human race and world peace, so it could not be termed as a step towards progress.


Q 9:      Mrs. Meldon champions the cause of humanity and her brother Corrie is a symbol of evil, discuss?

Ans:     In “Progress” Mrs. Meldon champions the cause of humanity, while her brother Prof. Corrie is a great enemy of human race. He wants to put the humanity in great distress through his invention. He is only interested in money of fame. He doesn’t care for others, even his dear sister. Mrs. Meldon, a bereaved mother how lost her son in the war, hates war and war equipments. When she comes to know about her brother’s devastating invention, she tries to prevent her brother from making such bomb. When she fails to stop him, she stabs her own brother to death to save the humanity; this champions the cause of humanity.


Q 10:    Was Mrs. Meldon justified in killing her brother Professor Henry Corrie?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon’s brother, Prof. Corrie was a scientist. He succeeded in inventing a very devastating bomb that could kill millions of human beings within a moment. Mrs. Meldon had lost her only son in war and her husband had died of the grief of his son’s death. When she came to know about her brother’s horrible invention, she tried to prevent him from making such bombs. She destroyed his apparatus but her brother told her that the bomb was well preserved in his mind. To save the human race from the danger of that bomb, she stabbed her brother to death. Her action seemed to be quite right for the human safety.


Q 11:    What is the theme of “Progress”?

Ans:     Progress tells us that scientific progress should not mean the invention of highly destructive weapons and making of devastating bombs. Those who think or work on such lines, as Prof Corrie did are selfish and cruel. They are great danger to human race.


Q 12:    What was the invention of Prof Corrie?

Ans:     Prof Henry Corrie invented a deadly bomb. This bomb is a combination of gases and explosives. When this bomb falls, the explosion will devastate a large area and at the same time will release a poisonous gas, without color and small and rot the bodies of those who inhale it.


Q 13:    What is the attitude of Mrs. Meldon towards war?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon is deadly against war and calls it an organized butchery of boys, for young boys fresh from school are recruited and sent to the battlefield, where they are killed in childhood.


Q 14:    What was Mrs. Meldon first informed about Eddie’s Death?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon was first informed about person ‘s death that he was killed by a piece of shell and was buried there. The CO did so in order to comfort the sad heart of the mother.


Q 15:    What did Mrs. Meldon find out about Eddie’s death on his death anniversary?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon found out about Eddie’s death on his death anniversary that Eddie was sitting in a shallow trench with his soldiers when a shell fell into the trench and destroyed all of them and there was nothing left of their bodies to be buried.


Q 16:    Write a few lines about the character of Mrs. Meldon.

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon was a widow of about forty three years. The analysis of Mrs. Meldon’s character remarked several aspects of her personality, but her grief, her universal love and her fight for the humanity were few traits which made her character a symbol and ideal character of the play.


Q 17:    Why has the writer give his play the name Progress? Is he justified?

Ans:     Professor Henry Corrie is a pioneer scientist who has invented a new formula that with lead him to invent the most destructive bomb to be used in next wars. The writer considers this a great progress ever made in the field of war weapons. But at the same time, he also justifies that Corrie’s bomb will not be a human friendly invention, so it must perish before it gets used.


Q 18:    Name the writer of the play “Progress” and also tell the year in which the story has been set.

Ans:     The name of write is St. John G. Ervine and the story of the play has been set in the year 1919, the post World War I era.


Q 19:    When did the World War I begin and when did it end?

Ans:     The World War I began on 4th August 1914 and it ended on 11th November 1918. The main fighting took place inBelgium and easternFrance between the German army and the armies ofBritain andFrance.


Q 20:    Why didn’t Henry Corrie go to receive his sister at the railway station?

Ans:     Henry Corrie is no doubt a work worm. Blood relations and relatives are not is much important for him as his work. On that day he was very busy in his work and was much careless about going to receive his sister. To him going there was not more important that his work. So he preferred his work to a mere formality.


Q 21:    What are the two reasons for which Mrs. Meldon had clad herself in black dress?

Ans:     Mrs. Meldon has clad herself because she is a widow and because it is the day of her son’s death anniversary.


Q 22:    What are the view of Professor Henry Corrie about women?

Ans:     Professor Henry Corrie is a misogynist by nature. He has very pessimistic views about women. He thinks women lack concentration and proper use of things. They also have no capacity for complete, impersonal devotion. That is why they have failed to achieve something great in life.


Q 23:    What does Henry Corrie think about human nature of war?

Ans:     Henry Corrie is a very pessimistic person. He thinks that we human beings are very pugnacious by nature and will never stop fighting for our personal interests. So wars will never end.


Q 24:    Why does Mrs. Meldon want the formulae to be destroyed?

Ans:     Because Mrs. Meldon has suffered a lot after her son died in a war, she is not hateful to his “organized butchery of boys”. She is now a peace-loving lady and does not want anyone to contribute to war in any way. If Corrie’s makes his bomb it will bring about huge destruction which is not acceptable to her. Her peace-loving nature does not allow her to see any mother suffering the consequences of war like her. This is why she wants the formulae to be destroyed.

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