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Q1. How does Shakespeare look at the world and man? Answer with the reference to the speech from “As You Like It”.

Ans.  In this poem, Shakespeare describes various stages of human life. He compares this world to a stage where men and women as actors and actresses perform the drama of human life. The birth and death of human beings is similar to the entrance and exit of character of stage. This point of view reflects his deep affiliation with theatre.



Q2 What role does every one play on the stage of this world according to Shakespeare?


Ans. This speech is taken from Act II, scene VII of “As You Like It” written by Williams Shakespeare. It is made by Jacques. All human beings are life actors. Man performs many parts on the stage of this world.

  1. At first he performs the role of an infant.
  2. Then, he performs the role of a school boy.
  3. He performs the role of a lover.
  4. Then he becomes a soldier and faces every danger for the sake of honor and the glory of his country.
  5. After this stage he becomes judge with a bulging belly. He knows many wise sayings and modern instances.
  6. In the sixth stage man becomes old and thin and looks like a clown. His legs grow so thin that the socks which he wore in his youth becomes too wide for him.
  7. The last stage, which is the closing chapter of his eventful history, is his second childhood. He is then without teeth, without eyes, without taste and without every thing.


Q3. Why does school boy go to school at a snail’s pace?


Ans. The school boy goes to school very slowly, because he wished to play the whole day long. He is unwilling to attend the school.

Q4. Why does the lover sigh like a furnace according to the poem “Sever Ages Of Man”?


Ans. The young boy who has fallen in love with some beautiful girl he has composed some verses in which he has praised the beautiful features of his beloved. He sighs like a furnace.

Q5. What is a “Justice”?


Ans. A justice of peace is an unpaid magistrate who sits in a local court to try less serious cases.

Q6. Jacques take a disrespectful humorous view of man in all the parts he play through life in the poem “Sever Ages Of Man”.


Ans. Jacques takes a disrespectful humorous view of men in all the parts plays on the stage of life. The first stage is that of infancy. As a child, one is thoroughly dependent on his mother or his nurse. As a boy one behaves in queer manners. One doesn’t willingly go to school. As a young man, one composes verses in praise of his beloved and sighs like a furnace. This stage is also very strange and humorous.


Q7. What are the seven ages into which Jacques divides a man’s life according to the poem “The Seven Ages Of Man”?


Ans. The Seven Ages Of Man life, as described by Jacques in “As You Like It” are following:

  1. Infancy
  2. Childhood Age
  3. Adulthood(youth)
  4. Soldier with rules (Man or Women)
  5. Judge (Eager to implement his/her knowledge)
  6. Old age
  7. Very old age

Q8. What motive is said to make the soldier brave in a battle?

Ans. The young soldier has taken the oath of serving his country and countrymen, even with his blood. He wants to win laurel for his country.

Q9. Describe the last two stages of man’s life as depreted by Jacques in the seven ages of Man.

Ans. The last two stages of a man’s life depicted by Jacques in the poem “The seven ages of Man” by William Shakespeare are following:

  1. In the sixth age the wise judge is an old man now. His legs are thin, body has shrunk, and his strong voice changes into a squeaking voice.
  2. The seventh and the last stage of a man’s life is the time of exit. He is once again dependent upon others as he was in infancy. Shakespeare has called this age second childhood.

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