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Q1. Why the father slept his son? Or what was the punishment given to him?

Ans. The son spoke in quiet loud voice against his father and disobeyed for the seventh time. So, being irritated his father slept him and dismissed by hard words and sent him to his room unkissed.


Q2. How did the little child bear his father’s behavior?




How did the little child get himself consoled?

Ans. The child went quietly to his room in great frustration with gloomy heart. In his room he thus engaged in paying with his toys such as a box of counter, a red veined stone, blue bells, coins etc. in order to comfort his sad heart. Meanwhile, he slept with wet eyes.


Q3. What did his father see in his son’s room when he entered?

Ans. After the punishment, when his father being forced by the fatherly love and as afraid that the child would not be able to sleep because of grief and sorrow. So, he reached the room of the child with love and pity. But when he entered the room he saw the boy was calmly sleeping on bed. His father noticed the marks of tears on his cheeks. He also saw some toys neatly arranged on a table beside his bed, which were kept to comfort his sad heart.


Q4. What idea do you get from the poem “The Toys”?

Ans. We get an idea from the poem that we should forgive the mistakes of people and live with a friendly atmosphere. God is merciful on us and he forgives those people who forgive the mistakes of human beings.


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