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Examinations have become a very Important and essential feature of our academic institution. The work of the students is now determined by their success in examinations.

The examinations as they are conducted in our schools, colleges and universities are of three hours. An examination hall in full of thrills and excitement for the examinees. Their hearts beet hard and they tremble when they enter the hail. They take their respective seats pronouncing the name of God. One is completely detached from the rest of the world. When the final bell rings silence prevails in the room. When the invigilators enter the room, all look serious. Each candidate is supplied with an answer book and a question paper. Thus the examination sets in.

This period of three hours in an examination hail is full of tense and worries. If the questions set in examinations are common and expected ones, a sign of relief is observed on the (aces of the examiners. Good and serious students busy themselves from the outset in answering the questions. Time becomes a factor for them.

They remain so much in hurry that they don’t Ft time to move their hands. There are some non-serious candidates who have no fear of the examination. They carry all possible materials for copying in the examination hail. This is Indeed very bed on their part. It they devote their time to their study, they are sore to do well in all papers. Serious efforts are made by the invigorators to prevent such dullards and dunces from adopting unfair means in the examination halls. The dosing period of the examination is more thrilling. Some remain awfully busy in revising or completing the answers where as others make all out efforts to copy as much as possible. When the final bell goes the scripts are taken away by the invigilators.

Examinations bring degrees and careers to successful candidates. The greater the success the more lucrative jobs they get. This is the lesson why examinations are regarded with such keen and anxious interest. They are a passport to success.

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    i want to know that what happens if i forget to write “ANSWER SHEET number” on the first page of answer sheet(a blank).?

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