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Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The central processing Unit (C.P.U) is the brain of computer system.

2. Logical errors are caused by faulty program designs.

3. Diamond-shaped symbol in program flow chart is used for decision points.

4. Dot Matix printers are non-impact printers.

5. Data stored in ROM can be changed.

6. Impact printers work by hitting an inked ribbon against the paper,

7. High level language is used to convert the source program into object program.

8. Mark-1 is the first Digital Computer.

9. ROM stores data or program permanently and RAM stores data or program temporarily.

10. A set of bits considered as a unit, normally consisting of 8 bits is known as Byte.

11. Abacus is an early Electro-Mechanical device for counting.

12. Software comprehends computers programming languages; translates application programs and operating systems programs.

13. Mark-I is the first digital computer.

14. First microprocessor chip INTEL 4004 was developed in 1990.

15. The heavy computers are called “Laptops’.

16. A digital computer can work at high speed.

17. Registers are the part of ROM.

18. RAM stands for Read Access Memory.

19. Convention memory and extended memory almost work at the same speed.

20. EPROM is a special type of RAM.

21. The main memory of CPU is the place where the computer programs and data is stored permanently.

22. RAM is a volatile memory for temporary storage of data or programs.

23. Data processing is the manipulation of data into more useful form.

24. EDP stands for Expanded Data Processing Cycle.

25. An input device receives data from computer.

26. Mouse is an input device.

27. It is possible to display several colors on a monochrome monitor.

28. A printer does not provide a soft copy of output.

29. Impact printers can produce carbon copies.

30. LASER does not stands for Low Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Rays.

31. Keyboard is a backing storage device.

32. Magnetic tape is the fastest media for data storage.

33. There are several tracks on a floppy disk, which are further divided into sectors.

34. 2KB = 2024 bytes.

35. Impact printer work by hitting an inked ribbon against the paper.

36. Backing storage devices are the permanent storage outside the main memory.

37. A mouse is called pointing device.

38. Micro floppy disks were developed before mini floppy disks.

39. 90 IF X$ = “DATA” THEN PRINT “SOFT” is a valid statement.

40. The FOR statement must not be used with NEXT.

41. There is no difference between A1 and A(1) as variable names.

42. 50 PRINT TAB (30); S$; TAB (10); Y$ prints S$ and Y$ on same line.

43. DATA statement is used with INPUT statement.

44. The purpose of GOTO statement is to transfer control.

45. 20 IF A$ = 1234 THEN 50 ELSE 80 is a valid line.

46. When the command AUTO1, 10 is given, then the first line number will be 10.

47. INPUT statement is often useful when no interaction between computer and user is required.

48. It makes a sense to use the condition A = “B” in a IF… Then statement.

49. Formula can be written as T = K/U*(P + A).

50. DATA statement is optional with READ statement.

51. BASIC is a difficult language.

52. User defined functions do not act like library function.

53. There is nothing wrong in NO ERROR GOTO 100 statement.

54. CLS statement can be used to clear half of the screen.

55. The ¸ symbol is used for division in BASIC programs.

56. A subroutine may also be called from with in another subroutine.

57. Software comprehends computer-programming languages, translates application program and operating system programs.

58. Application software is prepared by computer manufacture.

59. Low level language is nearest to machine language.

60. COBOL stands for Commercial Business Oriented language.

61. FORTRAN is an interpreter language.

62. Assembler translates the high level language into machine language.

63. The interpreter is a program that serves the same purpose as des the compiler.

64. Compiler translates the high level language into low level language.

65. RPG stands for Report Program Generator.

66. FORTRAN was basically developed for scientific and engineering data processing purpose.

67. Statement number are must in BASIC program. Since they are required to establish a sequence in which the instructions are to be executed.

68. BASIC uses statement number as address for the conditional and unconditional branching instruction.

69. REM statement cannot be accessed via branching instructions.

70. REM statement should be the first statement in a program.

71. CLS statement cleans the disk.

72. PRINT statement assigns value before printing.

73. PRINT statement prints only values of the variables.

74. LOAD command load a program from the disk.

75. DELETE command delete a line from the disk

76. SAVE command is used to store a program in a computer memory.

77. List command displays the contents of the disk on a screen.

78. GOTO statement unconditionally transfers the program control to the new location.

79. Branching if IF – THEN takes place only if the condition specified in IF is false.

80. In nested loops, the computer reaches the outer most loop before reaching the inner most loop. Therefore, the outer loop is executed completely before taking up the execution of the next inner loop.

81. Line number after ON-GOTO must only be in ascending order other wise error conditions result.

82. One can have more than one NEXT statement for every FOR. However at least one NEXT for every FOR is mandatory.

83. A subroutine contains repetitively used statements. It can be accessed via a GOTO or a GOSUB statement.

84. The computed GOSUB statement is similar to compute GOTO. However, it calls to four subroutine at the maximum.

85. There can be many RETURN statements in a subroutine and they can be placed anywhere, even at the first line of the subroutine.

86. A subroutine may contain any number of RETURN statements. However the last statement must be a RETURN statement.

87. The first statement of the subroutine must be a REM statement.

88. DIM statement can be used to reserve memory space even below 10 spaces reserved implicitly.

89. Array can store only numeric values.

90. DIM statement, like RAM, is a non-executable instruction.

91. DIM statement should be placed before the array is called in the program.

92. Negative sign is allowed in a subscript.

93. A file is a collection of record.

94. A random file record can be read sequentially.

95. CLOSE statement only closes the sequential file.

96. FIELD is a key word of BASIC language.

97. READ statement is used to read the record from a file.

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