Types of Chemical Bonds

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Chemical Bond:

As we know atoms are very rarely present in the form of single atom (fare stand) and must present in the form of molecule as assembly of atoms or ions. The force of attraction is known as “Chemical Bond”.


Why chemical bonds are formed?

Chemical bonds are formed of stable substance at is found that, the stable atoms possess the electronic configuration of noble gases. This phenomenon can be explained by octal rule which can be singed as:


“Atoms are most stable when they have complete volume shells or having at least 8 electrons in their valence shells.”


Types of Chemical Bonds:

Following are the types of chemical bonds.

Ionic Bonds:

A chemical bond formed due to complete transfer of electrons between two atom is called “ionic Bonds”.


=> The atoms which donate electrons become +ve ion while the atom which accept electrons become -ve, so that attractive forces are produced between them and chemical bond is formed called “ionic Bond”.

=> Usually ionic Bond is formed between atoms of low electronegativity 8 atom of which electro negativities.


=> The elements of group IA, IIA and IIIA form ionic bonds with elements of group VA, \/IA and VIIA



NaCl, CaO, AgCl, BaCl etc

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